Cold winds and happy faces

Today I am traveling to a country that I like to call home. Even though it’s like only my second time here I feel like I’ve been here before.

I’m in England for a few days, from today onward and so far I’m loving it.

We got here at midnight and it was already chilly, different from Portugal where it’s hot.

We already got Starbucks and burned my tongue but it’s a pain I can live with ahah (way too much drama am I right?)

We grabbed some food and arrived home at like 4am but only fell asleep at 5am, and even though I’m already awake and it’s only 11am I’m not feeling sleepy at all, like not even one tiny bit.

When you come here you feel so welcomed and so at home and peace, and I don’t know  if it’s because of the people that are surrounding us or just the air in here that makes us feel really well. I’ll take both and a lot more.

Right now I am eating my corn flakes while watching friends, and I can say that I am happy. Truly happy.


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