Bucket List as a 16-Year-Old

As a 16-year-old teenager, sophomore year finished I want to fulfill many wishes of mine.

Therefore, I decided to create a bucket list. And many of you are familiarized with this type of lists.

I want mine to be as real and positive, as I intended to be during this whole journey of mine.

  • I want to travel through Europe, before 25. Every single country of it. I want to open my horizons and expand my culture to the top.
  • I want to do sports. Join some team and do something just to free me on a daily basis or on a weekly basis.
  • I am passionate about reading, and so far I’ve read about 10 to 15 books on paperback myself. I want to extend them to 30 at least, because a book is a book and each single one of them has got a story to tell us, and I want to read more and know more about what goes on people’s mind.
  • I want to explore the city where I live to the fullest. Every single street and corner. It’s so easy but so hard at the same time and I want to do it so much, that I’m starting it this summer.
  • I want to go camping. A real camping experience, with no Wi-Fi signals around us, to have a bonfire and tell scary stories around it, like the ones we see in the movies.
  • I would love to skydive, not now, but at some point in my life.
  • I love outdoor spaces most of the time, even if I don’t show it that much so I would love to go to an outdoor festival with a few friends, even family. I just want to feel the breeze in my face and close my eyes while swaying my arms to an amazing beat.
  • I want to cliff jump so badly, just to feel a little bit more adrenaline in my life.
  • And lastly, this might sound weird and not so good but I want to carve my name on a tree, alone and clean. Somewhere no one will know, just me. And maybe one day if they found out, they’ll know I was there.

It’s just like that saying ”I was here”.

This is only the beginning of a lot more.

I want to fulfill this life of mine. We’re given one chance to live, one moment is one moment and if you are here only to fill it by working and sleeping and eating, not having fun around all of it, then what are you even doing? Go out there and break one law of yours. It won’t hurt.

Trust me.

”If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun”


3 thoughts on “Bucket List as a 16-Year-Old

  1. E isso mesmo!gostei de ler e de te ler…inspiras me com as tuas palavras cheias de vontade…e seduzes me a fazer algo parecido, falo da minha bucket list…porque mesmo aos 41…a minha bucket list ainda se mantém viva…cheia de amor…carinho…entrega…e tanto mais…bonita mensagem.obrigado!

    Liked by 1 person

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