Munching and living

We all love food, right? Right.

I think of food as a true refugee at all times of my day and I am infatuated by it. It’s one of the world’s best wonders for me because let’s be honest, without food we would be nothing.

Recently I went to this place called LxFactory, that is filled with multiple stores, from clothing to one of the cutest libraries to the best chocolate cake of all times so far.

I ate that chocolate cake, of course, and it was at Landeau that is a really cute place.


The Table
Wall Writing
The Cake!!

I also went to this restaurant, that I had experienced before with a friend of mine and her sister, which is Mercantina. It is situated in two places in Lisbon, that are Chiado and Alvalade.

On this night we went to the Alvalade one and I had a pizza which was quite good and new for me since I don’t usually eat this type of pizzas only full of vegetables!


My pizza!


So basically it was this, living life while munching because there’s nothing wrong with trying to live a bit like this, am I right?

I hope you liked this post and that you didn’t get hungry while watching this!!

I had a blast at all those places and if you want to check out my experience follow my YouTube Channel, at Aliyah’s Corner on my latest video ->





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