My New Project


I would like to share with all of you, my new project.

My YouTube Channel.

I decided to risk it all and do it, and I’m happy to be doing this for myself, because it’s something that I’ve been so attached to over the years, and I always wanted to create a Channel, so I decided to do it this year. 2017. The Year

2017. The Year.

I pretend to share a message through this channel, and I will be talking about diverse topics and not only focus on one thing. I want to do it in a bigger way, and I know it will take time and effort from me, but since it is something that I truly want to do I believe I will succeed in small steps.

I won’t shut down my blog because of it, I will increase it more and more.

I truly hope you all stand by my side on this new journey of mine and that you like every single one of the videos and the content that I will be sharing! 

The channel’s name is Aliyah’s Corner, just like in here.

Give it a look everyone! 💛

Thank you.


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