A Pancake A Day Keeps All Your Problems Away

So today I bring you guys, the ultimate pancake recipe. The one that will blow your minds!

I’m just messing around here.

I bring you guys, my all time favorite pancakes. I learned this recipe when I was little and I’ve been doing it since then.

All I do is:

-A cup and a half of flour

-A cup and a quarter of sugar

-Two teaspoons of baking powder

-A banana all sliced

-One egg

-A cup and a half of milk

And then you just mix it all up, and pour it into a frying pan with oil and then it’s done, creating an amazing combination of flavors without having to leave your own home.

I do mine’s at least once a month, and they usually turn out very good and also with a tasty look, unless I somehow burn them. Guilty for doing that as well!!

Craving it all over again!

To top it all off I like to put honey on mines or even melted chocolate, along with some fruits on the side, from strawberries to bananas which were the ones I chose this time!




I bet a lot of you love pancakes, I mean, it’s a daily basis type of food, right? Right. And when they are heart shaped it’s even better because you’ll feel a little bit more loved, but this time by food!

Small details, make it all!

All set!

”Calories don’t count on the weekend.”


One thought on “A Pancake A Day Keeps All Your Problems Away

  1. You don’t imagine how i fell “pancaked” by this post!fantastic! now I’m in a hunger for pancakes…but I’ll wait till next weekend…my turn to try.kiss.love you.and don’t quit, you have a wonderful way of putting the right words into the right places.;)))

    Liked by 1 person

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